Guide To Pick The Best Weapons For Fortnite Mobile

upalbion Date: Jul/24/18 10:25:40 Views: 3143

There are many types of Weapons to be used against monsters in Fortnite. Weapons are a color-coded based on their Rarity and given a Power Level (indicated by a lightning bolt icon) based on both their rarity and upgrade level. Within missions, players can Craft weapons from ingredients or loot them from containers and loot chests scattered across the map. One of the best ways to actually get weapons is just looking around, or kill enemies.



In a survival simulator like Fortnite Battle Royale, weapons are of paramount importance in order to make it to the final 10 players standing. As such, you need to always be on the lookout for the most powerful weapons and other items in the game, and there are some clever ways to tell which items you should prioritize over others. 


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For a start, the loot items in Fortnite Battle Royale are color-coded, according to rarity. Plain/grey items are common, while the rest of the item colors from common to rare are green, purple, and gold. In other words, whenever you come across purple or gold items in Fortnite Battle Royale, you want to make way for them in your limited inventory. 


Green, purple, and gold weapons will always have perks and other bonuses that the more common versions of the same weapons won't have. For example, a common assault rifle won't have a scope and will be less accurate, while the green, purple, or gold varieties of the assault rifle will be more accurate, and will likely come with a scope. 


Aside from this color-coded rarity system, we've got some general advice to give on the Fortnite Battle Royale best weapons in general. Sniper rifles in the game are unmatched in power, as they can actually kill someone without a shield in a single hit in the upper half of the body. As you might imagine, shotguns are also one of the more powerful weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale, and they actually have some decent range on them, meaning you don't necessarily have to get up close to a player for the shotgun to inflict some serious damage. 


Otherwise, weapons that inflict either area based damage or have a rapid rate of fire, tend to be the best to use in Fortnite Battle Royale. Weapons like the grenade launcher are great at destroying any cover that your opponents are using, while assault rifles are excellent weapons at both close and long range, especially if you happen to stumble across a rarer variety with increased accuracy. 




The basic rule of Fortnite Battle Royale is always prioritizing weapons based on rarity and damage, especially considering you've got a maximum of five inventory slots to use up. Always make sure to leave some room for healing items like bandages and health kits as well, as you don't want to be stuck in a firefight with no way to heal your wounds.