Happy New Year: Regarding Albion Development In 2016

upalbion Date: Jan/02/17 10:46:22 Views: 1145

Thanks to Game Director Robin Henkys, he tells you all about the upcoming world changes, notably, in our third Development Recap, for Albion as Robin Henkys delves deeper into future world changes as well as design goals, we have another look at what the future holds for Albion, be certain that you do not miss out. 



Here is a brief rundown by going over our three main goals:


a strategically designed world

a meaningful world

a believable world


A Strategically Designed World


Gathering everything we have learned from the current and previous tests, we are redesigning both the Royal Continent and the Outlands.


A Meaningful World


Of course, the world of Albion should be more than just eye-candy, which is where our second goal comes into play: creating a diverse and meaningful world.


Compared to the first Beta phase, we already improved on this goal by adding five different biomes, each with their own set of resources. There are still more special features to come, such as:


Rare mob camps with their own loot chests.

Resource hotspots with Guardians to protect them.

Altars, which are the place to be for essence farming:

Dedicated faction raid zones in the form of home bases.

Passages between regions, providing a faster but also more dangerous route.

On top of working on this new content, it is important to note that we are continuously improving our level design tools, which allows us to make sure individual zones continue to become more unique and of better quality.


A Believable World


First of all, it is important to make the world of Albion an immersive and believable world, one you can get lost in. Right now, this is not the case, as our world is very much like a grid or chessboard. We did not intend the world to be like this, but due to time constraints, it had to be created this way.


As we are getting ready to implement the new world, we are first of all de-gridding the world, making it more natural. This includes several unique regions with defining landmarks such as lakes or mountain ranges. We will also introduce biome-based cities, each city having a unique layout and being different from the other.


Aside from those changes, the world map is also being revamped. For example, we will add a better zoom option, allowing you to zoom out further and have better access to relevant information.