Healing Powers: Farming In Albion Online

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Developer gives an outlook on the agriculture of the Sandbox MMO

In search of rare raw materials for weapons and other Genesten the heroes are exposed in Albion Online constant dangers. In addition to monsters and wild animals, it is above all other players who are looking after their own lives and the laboriously mined resources. How nice that players with the new farming feature will receive a relaxing and useful compensation for the exhausting PvP battles in the future.



Strong Effect


Through agriculture, players can produce various foods and potions that provide them with helpful buffs. Developer Sandbox Interactive provides them with pastures for livestock and fields for growing crops.


Pure vegetable and animal good


Farming in Albion Online involves growing vegetables and grains as well as livestock. Players cultivate crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, corn or pumpkins by ordering their fields with the appropriate seeds. When the time is right, the harvest can be processed into food and drink and eaten or used as animal feed.


In order for a young animal to become a large livestock, it must be fed and fattened. Goats, chickens or cows are ready for rearing. A full-grown animal can be slaughtered and its meat processed. However, the animals should not be hastily deprived of their virtual destiny, as they supply the players next to meat with other foods such as eggs or milk. Players can either consume or process these animal products directly, for example by baking a tasty cake.


Buffs for every occasion


To make a potion or a dish, the agricultural products are processed in one of the new Farming buildings. In the mill, hungry heroes can grind their grain into flour, the butcher processes the slaughter cattle into meat, the alchemist brews potions, and the chef allows players to prepare many delicious dishes from their ingredients. Meals such as meat pies, cakes, carrot soup or goat kebabs will strengthen players after the battle and help them regenerate. Potions of the Alchemist provide valuable benefits already during the fight, but are provided with a cooldown.


About Albion Online


Albion Online is a mid-level, cross-platform, sandbox MMORPG. The free MMO offers players a class-free character development system, a completely player-driven economy and dynamic PvP battles. The open game world is all about colonizing, conquering and defending territories. Albion Online will be released in the first quarter of 2015 as a free-to-play title for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android. More information at upalbion.com.


Twelve permanent and nine freelance programmers and designers are currently working on the cross-platform sandbox MMO Albion Online. Sandbox Interactive believes that creating an enjoyable gaming experience by creating your own world and interacting with other players - and that experience is best experienced in sandbox games. For this reason, the development of Albion Online focuses on the players and a convincing product.