Highly Anticipated Albion: Patched Or Simply Wiped

upalbion Date: Jan/13/17 11:39:29 Views: 1054

Albion Online, a multitude of gamers are so keen on playing this game, so to that end, Everyone needs to quit complaining. As we all know, this game is taking a very long time to come out but people seem to forget that this is their first game, it's worth mentioning that things will change, things will get tweaked, patched or simply wiped and started again. It's said to that cheap albion online silver for sale on UPAlbion. 



Publicity will come to the game when they start doing right by the community/players and really can be easily fixed but the game has a pretty high chance to flop as of right now so its kinda very hard to vote it as the most wanted game of 2017 because the vision they have had for the game from end of last beta to now just really isnt looking promising at all for me at least.


Every MMO has had its share of bumps and bruises and none of them are perfect but if you are striving for perfection, and for nothing to go wrong with the release then you are sadly mistaken. You are so afraid of losing player base due to releasing to early when you are doing the same thing by not releasing the game. You have a great concept, you have a polished look, you have people who want to play the game but don't want to waste their time if things will be wiped.


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