History, Struggles and Goals of Red Army in Albion Online

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Today we will talk about the Red Army in Albion Online. Learn more about their history, struggles and goals. Emiashiro, the self-proclaimed King of Albion, tells a (drunken) tale of the birth of Red Army. Not only the development of the guild, but the trials and tribulations they have experienced in their effort to conquer the entirety of the Albion itself. 




The Birth of Red Army

With the coordination and strong organization that Red Army has displayed during Closed Beta, naturally most would expect a rather complex story of the creation of the guild, however, Emiashiro debunks this idea entirely.


Before the creation of Red Army, Emiashiro has had former success in Glaficom; a guild well-known for controlling an ample amount of land on the Western Continent, as well as being the primary stakeholders of Gravestow. During this time, Emiashiro felt that change was needed for both himself and his guild, and thus, Red Army was formed with the help of Hammer and Sickle.


"We essentially had an idea to create the strongest Russian guild to annihilate our enemies. But, in all honesty, the main reason is because I never liked "Glaficom" as the guild name. Also, Hammer and Sickle was having a lot of trouble at this time, with their effort in fighting Nilfgaard and Deimos. They came to us for assistance in this war."


Emiashiro has markedly become the face of Red Army, but rest assured, he has never been alone in his conquest of the land and has had a number of divisions within his own ranks. Without even having to give much thought into it, the guild leader gives thanks to key members in his guild that really hold the system together.


With a strong support system around him in his core, it is only natural to assume that goals and war plans were to be developed in the process. Surprisingly this wasn't the case. Emiashiro was clear (and rather blunt) in what the original goals of Red Army encompassed.


Rivals and Hardships

Having committed to innumerable wars at this point, there must have been a method to Red Army's madness. How could they come out victorious for such a long stretch without even a sign of flinching?


With the level of dedication they have set forth into Closed Beta, they have probably sang an uncountable number of funeral songs at this point. However, Emiashiro admits that the guild has had its own hardships in dealing with its rivals in the past.  


"Nilfgaard has probably given us the most competition during Closed Beta. The main reason is because they created an alliance with 1,500 players. It was really hard to fight 10 GvG's per day and try to even attempt and win 50 vs 50 battles over war camp control," explained Emiashiro.


Allies and Alliances




Even though Emiashiro and his guild were outnumbered in their endeavors against Nilfgaard, they weren't alone and had the help of a long-term ally.


"Our ally is Money Guild (now known as Prime). Regarding the history of our guilds, well… A long time ago we had a war for control over Festerfoss. In the end, we decided to stop that useless and endless war and create our kingdom called ‘Envy'. Shortly after, we just bought shovels and put our enemies in the dirt."


Apparently, when the whispers of Money Guild and Glaficom/Red Army allying dispersed amongst the community, many were not in favor of it.


The Envy alliance is, without a doubt, one of the most dreaded in the history of Albion. Emiashiro explained why the name Envy was chosen, as well as the fame that came along with it. 


Stronger than ever, indeed. Red Army and the Envy alliance have continually been conquering their goals during Closed Beta. In fact, the level of success that Envy has achieved has led Emiashiro towards declaring him as The King of Albion as widely discussed on the forums.


"Our goal was to win Closed Beta, and we accomplished it when the ‘ZERG' alliance disbanded. We wanted to build a strong core in our guild, because we started the game essentially with nothing. But now, we have more than 30 players in our core alone, and we keep moving forward," Emiashiro explained.


Undefeatable Force?

Even though Red Army may seem impenetrable at this point in time, Emiashiro is the first to admit that there is work to be done for the guild to continue to become an even stronger powerhouse.


"We really need to strengthen the ‘support' part of the guild. We don't have many support players, only warriors and some casuals. We never had many crafters, miners, traders or farmers. So, I want to recruit more casuals (and girls) into my guild! We are a war guild with a decisive military system, and we want to make it even stronger after wipe. We will march in all zones and make our own empire, as we have during this beta. Our doors are always open for hardcore players who want to be in one of the strongest guilds of Albion," he explains.


Without much more to say in regards to the, now infamous, Red Army, Emiashiro proclaimed his final objective to achieve in Albion.


"We already accomplished all of our goals in the Beta. But, we have 1 problem left to solve. Red Army will conquer the whole world. Can you imagine how hard it will be to feed all of those lands?"


If that isn't a frightening thought for the unsuspecting guilds out in the world today, then the Red Army leader's final statement may be one for the history books.