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upalbion Date: Apr/17/16 01:40:51 Views: 1210

The changing mechanics in Albion Online really affect people's expectations for prices of things and can push prices to ridiculous rates (for example, when mount breeders realized how many resources it would cost to raise animals after the patch, they bought up a lot of T6+ mounths in the market which almost tripled their market price). However, what is ridiculous right now may seem more balanced in the future.




In the sense that this is a beta and having us pay for premium even if its just silver during tests is retarded. For the people saying its easy to make silver for prem, you're right, but this is a beta test and most people arent playing seriously or don't log in every single day cause its a test.


SBI has a terrible business model atm especially for a closed beta test. We have to buy access to the beta, grind the shit out of the game for the sake of testing and they still can't give people unlimited premium for the duration of the test. 


This business model will hurt the game at release, mark my words. They cant seriously try to compete with all the B2P games and monthly sub games at the same time.


The game is great but for anyone trying to decide whether or not to buy the game, as soon as they see that theres such powerful prem on top of having to buy the game they will most likely run the fuck away. 


The only testing there is for premium is how the silver/gold market behaves, but this isn't even close to what we'll see at release so its pretty much pointless (I can assure you they will change nothing about it cause they can't test how the market behaves on a closed beta). Everybody knows how premium works and how long it takes to grind with and without premium, its simple math, theres no testing to be made here. It's just a low life scheme to keep people buying premium during closed beta. It's also pretty obvious the premium is way too strong.