How and Where to Get Albion Online Silver

upalbion Date: Jan/05/16 02:50:46 Views: 1293

Albion Online Silver is primarily dropped from humanoid mobs out in the world, when you first leave either Kings or Queens Market you will enter into an area with a lot of tier 2 resources and tier 2 heretics. 


They should be a great beginners source of silver

Dungeons are often filled with humanoid mobs


This is an opinion that will differ from person to person, I personally will go into how to make silver from PVE. The biggest difference between how Albion Online and other games differs are that we want to have a real economy, this means we cannot pump the game full with silver or resources and have limited the amount of silver & resources entering the game.


Mobs & Resources works in a way that they will Spawn and their loot will continue to grow the longer they are alive, this means that most mob spawns in highly trafficked areas will be quite bad for maximizing silver income, 


This is why we suggest people to spread out and settle either within or close to the PVP enabled area, despite the risk of PVP


The hard facts:

* Travel, freshly spawned mobs have the least amount of silver. Often territories that are percieved as too dangerous to go into have the best rewards.

* Mobs that have been alive for a long time often carry up to 20 times the amount of silver of freshly spawned mobs

* Only wear what you are afford to lose, you should preferably be coming home with more silver then the value of what you left home with.

* Group up! Find a Guild or some other Solo players and group up with them! Even being only 2 players together helps you take on much harder mobs.

* Look on the world map! Find the closest treasure territories, they are often a good source of silver


Equipment tips:

* Shields add a lot of armor and allows you to taunt the target enemy 

* Leather armor got a great heal which will lower your downtime. (Bringing food is also great)* Using the defensive strike will buff your armor (stacks up to 3 times) will increase your survivability* The Ability "Disabling Strike" will help you a lot against mobs that cast spells, interrupting their spells will ease your PVE experience.

Treasure territories exists out in the world, they are capturable by guilds, currently most of these territories are unclaimed so cease the opportunity!