How to Fix the Albion Online Hostile Status in Yellow Zone

upalbion Date: May/18/16 03:10:16 Views: 2436

It seems that city guards will attack you if you are in hostile status, right? I am not sure if the guards attacked us because we were fighting blue names or just for being hostile.


Today when I logged in, my guild mate told me to come to one of yellow zone with hostile status. I didn't know what was going on but went there and found they were already in a fight. 




Later I asked what was going on and found out that they came out of a hellgate and then attacked by blue name players. They wanted to go back to the city but the internal timer was preventing them to go non-hostile. Those players in blue names kept attacking them with the support of the city guards.


In short, the players in blue name with actual hostile intention attacking the players in red name who wanted to unflag themselves, the system was being misused. It should be the other way around. (It could be just coincidence that they were all there and, "look! red names! attack!" was the case.)


Here's my thought about how to fix this.




1. If players were non-hostile before entering hellgate, let them leave the hell in non-hostile status.


2. Reduce the casting time of going non-hostile, maybe instant, if the player hasn't attacked anyone. Even if the player is under attack.


3. No flag up/down. Whoever attacks first will automatically be in hostile status with longer timer.

This maybe difficult because this game doesn't have 'attack' button.

Also, player characters don't have collision check to other players, can be stacked at one spot. It's hard to pick the right target. You risked yourself to go into hostile but you may have picked someone else accidentally.

I think this is fair system and creates another fun because you can be attacked without notice. You still don't lose your items in yellow zone anyway.


4. Remove yellow zone.

By removing yellow zone, players will have bigger chance of losing everything in an accident. But I think if we can somehow make average pvp gears affordable to anyone, players will be more engaged in pvp. This will actually require a big change in the market and not so feasible but just saying...