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Being an old hardcore gamer, I was able to spend hours and hours on many MMORPGs, without ever getting tired of it, the last one was Black Desert Online, which I gave up, indeed, aside from spending his time To hope to see falling items, and reaping of the xp, the game had no phases really fun, on the contrary, WoW for example, once maximum level, equipment farm is relatively fast, and from a PvP, we can have fun very quickly, whether it's the Wild PK, the BG, or the arena.


My quest for the MMO on which to plant my tent is not yet finished, but the shadow of Albion Online begins to solicit some envy in my home. No longer really a "hardcore gamer", I would like to be able to find a game where you can have fun quickly, without having to go through a session of X hours of farm.


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