How to Get Fame and Silver at a Rare Albion Service Start

upalbion Date: Dec/31/15 13:26:06 Views: 1418

This is a short guide for everyone who wants to use the current fame and silver system in Albion to its fullest, right after a fresh server start (this means all players start at zero, for example after a wipe or at release).

So whatever you want to be, follow these steps to get maximum albion online silver and fame in the first hours:


1) Follow the destiny board guide to unlock the beginners weapons, armor and tools.

2) Craft mulitple sets and keep them for later

3) Get together with some friends and

- rush T3 and T4 mobs in every map

- rush every dungeon in your area (2-3 zones around you)

4) Buy T2 or T3 equipment from the market places

5) Head to yellow zones and kill every mob you encounter

6) Do this for the whole day and try to avoid other groups.



"Why can't i just gather recources and kill T1 and T2 mobs?" 

--> Because everyone will do that. You will see very few recources and mobs left to gather or kill. You can do all of this later on in the game, without lacking behind. The first hours are crucial in getting ahead!


"Why can't i do the fame and silver runs after i got T3? The mobs will certainly kill me with T2." 

--> Don't be afraid! In a group, you can overcome most mobs, even 2 tiers above you. As long as you have some spare gear and the self heal spell on your chest, you will have a good chance of surviving! The current system in Albion rewards players, who first kill mobs, with more than 5x the minimum amount of silver and at least 2x the normal amount of fame. This is such a huge advantage that should not be missed, if you want to stay ahead of the flock.


For example: A T4 skeleton mage boss will give you ~ 45 000 cheap albion online silver with full charges. This will be reduced to ~ 8000 silver right after it spawns again / has been killed before. Go for it!


If you keep marauding new zones on the first day (talking hours here), you will gain up to 500 000 silver without any problems. Some will even hit a million or more! You can also advance to T5 and T6 mobs and cash them out, if you are good enough.

So don't waste your time killing those T1 and T2 mobs with 50ish silver and go out in the wild!