Instant Skills Animation Overwrites Auto Attack in Albion Online

upalbion Date: May/22/16 14:41:37 Views: 1418

The auto attack is one of the highest damage output for physical damage users when combined with certain buffs.




If skills overwrite it, it will never be worth using these weapons.


  • Use a weapon with instant cast spells and engage combat
  • When auto attacking, measure the time between attacks.
  • Cast an instant spells right between the auto attack timer.

Note:the auto attack timer resets from last spell cast which makes it so it counts your spell as auto attack.


If it is intentional then it's pvp and pve game breaking -

a 3 second spell cast or a channeling ability dealing 400-500 damage average, let's assume with push-back suffer it is 4 second spell that deals 400 damage minimum, makes it so you deal 100 damage per second on average.


Bow/crossbow user deals 36 damage / second while auto attacking but can use instant spells such as poison arrows and the instant shot which deals 72 damage but since the instant skills overwrite the auto attack, Instant skill users will deal half their potential damage because of this and certain skills will be completely useless such as "Fury" for axe and bow users.


Every time you will cast a spell you will increase the time length for your next attack which will cause you to never attack if spells are used on average every 0.7-1 second.