Introduction of Three Real Currency Generator in Albion Online Silver

upalbion Date: Aug/19/16 16:47:32 Views: 1528

There are only three real currency generators in this game: monsters, quests, and salvage.
As far as I know, quests only deal with slaying monsters. So that means it's basically the same thing as slaying monsters in and of itself. Since that is an activity, it's just a resource. Thus, if slaying monsters that give X silver as a drop were not profitable, less people would do it. That stabilizes the influx of silver naturally because instead of killing monsters to generate silver, people would farm mats to sell to other players for silver. Salvaging instead means that all mats have an inherent silver value that can be vendored. I think if salvaging did not return silver but only mats, it would remove a source of silver when dumping armor.




What would then be left would be a self-regulating silver market based on the supply and demand of its commodity only instead also being dependent on the supply and demand of another commodity.

PvP is a money sink in itself, if they need to increase the sink all they have to do it up the chance that items gets destroyed in pvp combat plus adding more damage to the items from the combat itself so they have to spend silver repairing it between fights.

And they are bringing back transportation with inventory, that will also be a good money sink, not to mention that every time items change hands through the auction houses it sinks the market place tax.

When the game is new the majority of people focus heavily on gaining silver, this will level out and the economy will stabilize itself once the market have the supply covered better, and it will go in waves like all economies, in times when silver supply is low the value will go up giving an intencive to more pve to generate more silver, as the market again get filled with silver in surplus it will ecourage more pvp that once again will drain silver off the marked again.

The hardest part in games like this is to actully make players see they depend on eachother to make a good game. the hardcore pvp'er depends on the pve'rs to fill the market up with items and silver something that will encourage more pvp for everyone. And the pve'er depend on the pvp'ers to destroy items and make people have to repair more and in that draining silver and items off the marked so that the pve'ers still have something to do.

The wrost thing hard core pvp'er actually do is cripple the economy growth when a game is new their impatience is actually turning people away from pvp in the long term because the risk is much higher than the gain. The moment peopel have items/silver to spare they are also more willingly to take higher risks.