Join the Albion Online Castle Fight to get Your Custom Guild Logo!

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Join the Castle Fights!


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During the next 6 weeks we are running a small competition. The 3 teams which are holding castles for the longest during each week will get their guild logo brought into the game.


A guild which can obtain rank #1 two times at the end of a week will get their guild logo exclusively for them!


Here are the details


  • The overall compeititon starts on Monday 23rd of May at 11:01 UTC (after daily maintenance)
  • Each round is one week
  • The First Round ends on Monday 30th of May at 11:00 UTC (1 week later before daily maintenance)
  • The whole competition ends 6 weeks later on the 3rd of July Sunday 20:00 UTC (so the last week has 2 checkpoints less overall)
  • Every day there are four checkpoints
  • 14:00 UTC (server time)
  • 20:00 UTC (server time)
  • 02:00 UTC (server time)
  • 08:00 UTC (server time)
  • When your guild is holding a castle at these times/checpoints you are getting one point for the weekly ranking
  • You are getting one point for each castle you are holding at these times
  • You can get maximum 6 points per milestone (since there are 6 castles in the game)
  • We will post an update each week regarding the points
  • The teams with the first second and third highest points at the last checkpoint of each week will get the honor of their custom logo in our game
  • If you can secure rank 1 at the end of a week two times you the logo will not only be implemented into our game but it will also be only available to you! => You will have your own unique logo in Albion Online which no other guild can take!
  • So you are getting rank 1 in week 3 and rank 1 in week 6 than you qualifiy for your own unique logo.
  • You must have claimed the castle before the appropriate time of the checkpoint!


Albion Online


Details regarding the guild logo


The Logo will be very likely available for Beta 2

But for sure it will be available for release

We may need to adjust the logo slightly

Removing potential thin serifs

We will always have the right to reject logos we think are not appropriate for Albion Online


Unique Logo


The unique logo is attached to a guild not the Guild Master


We handle this by common sense, so if there is a guild called Death in this Beta 1 and than there is a complete new guild who picks this name first obv they dont get the logo and the Death guild can than pick their old logo with a different name.


Good luck to everyone!