Madden 22: The best guide to tips and tricks for the defense

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In Madden 22, the offense is essential in winning the game, and many players will learn and master more offensive scripts. However, sometimes the game is won by offense, and the way to win is through defense-defense to win the championship.


Madden 22: The best guide to tips and tricks for the defense


Defense is an essential aspect. You can prevent your opponent from scoring. If you have the best tips and tricks, you can also achieve for yourself. So if you want to win the game, it is vital to learn and master the best defensive tips and tricks. Therefore, this article introduces a detailed guide to the best defensive tips and tricks in the Madden 22 game.


Madden 22: How to defensive?

Madden is a bit like a chess game. To play an impeccable defense, you must predict your opponent's tactics and make adjustments to defend them. To this end, Madden provides a screen from which you can select matches based on formation, concept, game type, and personnel.


Certain formations are more suitable for defending specific games. For example, the 3-4 groups are centered on linebackers, which helps to counter the rushing ball. Nickel or dime formations have more points on the field and are easier to pass defensively.


There is also a coach adjustment screen from which the area can be modified to play a specific location on the court. Here, you can also change how the DB interacts with the receiver and how aggressive you want the receiver to be.


Once you have selected a game, you can choose any player to cover the catcher or blitz. Here, you can make sounds and adjustments to suit your needs. Doing this effectively will make your opponent scoreless and will bring W.


Madden 22: The best defensive skills


Don't use linebackers without the ability.

Linebackers rarely have animations to catch the ball in the air. They are also much slower and can't jump higher than defensive guards. Therefore, use the linebacker as a blitz or add the lurker ability.


Intercept the ball

First, understand the working principle of the interception ball in Madden 22, the targeted defender has to be selected, and the user must press the Triangle on PlayStation, Y button on Xbox, or R on PC.


Reach your users quickly

By blitzing your users in the preliminaries, you will be able to start reporting with a slight speed increase.


Move D line

You can stop the operation by moving the D-Line to the strong side and opening a gap sealed with the user.


User flashes in the middle

User Blitz provides a speed advantage to selected players. If you set up your defenses so that your users can pass through the middle of the O-Line, the pressure can arrive faster.


Contains external edge blitz

It is contained in a protective setting, where the defensive edge protects the outside of the pocket and prevents it from being pushed out. If the Blitzer comes from the outside of the container, the O-Line will become messy and will generate pressure while keeping the QB in the pocket.

First, let's take a look at Madden 22's pre-match defensive control:
Action Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S PS4 & PS5 PC
Momentum Factors / X-Factors Vision RT (Hold) R2 (Hold) Left Shift (Hold)
Show Play Art LT (Hold) L2 (Hold) Left Ctrl (Hold)
Pre-Play Menu R3 R3 Tab
Call Timeout View TouchPad T
Switch Player B Circle F
Audible X Square A
Defensive Line Shift Left D-Pad Left D-Pad L
Linebacker Audible Right D-Pad Right D-Pad End
Coverage Audibles Y Triangle C
Defensive Keys RB R1 P
I hope you can improve your defensive level in Madden 22 and defeat your opponents through these best defensive tips and tricks. In addition, if you want to get the most significant advantage and dominance in Madden 22, you need to master more knowledge content, such as offensive skills, more player information, engouh MUT Coins, and other content. Finally, Madden 22 is better than Madden 21 last season, so I hope you can get a better gaming experience and fun!