Massive World & Albion Online: It's Time To Take Your Weapon

upalbion Date: Jan/17/17 14:36:42 Views: 1482

Albion Online, a truly cross platform game, at the same time, it's also a massive world. It's said to that the first true cross-platform MMO experience. Albion – build your cities and camps out of over 50 different kinds of buildings and customizable skins, then wage war on your neighbors to oust them from their homes and expand your very own empire. So no need to hesitate, place your order of Albion Online Gold now. 



Grab your IOS or Android tablet and pick up right where you left off, experiencing all the action from your sofa. In Albion Online, all players on every device play on one master server, in one massive world. The only question is – how will you play?


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