My General Questions about The Albion Online

upalbion Date: Jul/07/16 15:03:25 Views: 1112

Hi there, first of all I want to present myself, I’m a “hardcore player”, when I play a MMO I play only that one, put much effort and time on it, trying to min/max whatever I can and I like both PvP and PvE.




Right now I’m looking for a new game, I didn’t know about Albion, I tought it was some sort of p2w mobile thing like clas of clans (sorry about that) while when I red about the upcoming beta I saw it seems a great game but I have many doubt, maybe you can help me.

– I want to start with the most important question for me: is the game full of chores? I want to have fun while playing, I don’t mind grinding but I hate the infinite chores that modern MMO are throwing at us, like I found in BDO, logging in with 6 different characters to harvest sunflower and do dailies is not fun, I know it is optional but if doing them is super worthy I feel like obligated, probably it is just me. Does the game have infinite dailies and boring stuff that you feel forced to do?

– How is the economy? Is it player driven? Can I “scam”/be scammed by other player? Can I find good deal if I am smart?

– Do you think the game will be well populated? Do you see like 100-200k people playing it or it will be super niche?

– Is it super hard to catch up, knowledge wise, older player? I know there will be a wipe for the next beta and at the release but normally in this kind of games people with knowledge have a very big advantage! Not a problem ofc, I just would like to know how hard are the mechanics in this game^^

– How is the PvP? Is solo/small scale PvP viable? Is full loot really FULL? Like you kill me and I’ll lose all my equip? Does everyone going around in big zerg? I really didn’t find / searched enough about PvP, educate me please, how the open world PvP work??? I only red about different colour zones.

– How do you get best loot? Crafting? PvE? Is the itemization cool and deep or is it shallow with two base stats and a big fuck you?

– What do you do in your normal Albion day? You log in and?

– Is the game a sand box for real?

– What do you think is the biggest problem of the game?

– I will avoid the p2w question, I saw there is a 30pages thread on the forum, game seems just a little p2w/p2advantage but nothing serious.

Thanks in advance for any answer, the game seems very intriguing but I remained a bit disappointed but the last MMORPGs I played, the only online game I really enjoy right now is Path of Exile (in hardcore leagues!).