My Problem for Building a Better Albion Community

upalbion Date: Aug/11/16 03:06:49 Views: 1120

Here i am just trying to be a productive member of the game i love to better the community and present my thoughts on things that seem opposing.. Im not presenting solutions.. just addressing the problems first.

1. as you mentions it feels cut off from the Queens/Kings islands to the lawless/outlands... And its so cut off that perhaps the transfer could cause casuals to feel overwhelmed or even just not want to do it and quit the game.
as a very hardcore player grinding alot.. I got -Repped Into the -800s and got cut off from all non-Blackzone citys due to a bug.. and even for me in full T5 it was overwhelming and extremely hard to make any progress. What happends when a casual hits that? Do we really expect a casual to be able to play through that kind of a pace chance?

2. So for the casuals that do love the game enough to keep playing and eventually hit the black zone with a small guild or something.. What exactly are they going to do? get used to the flow of things and just man up and become hardcore?

I think if there is going to be such a great distinction from Royal Lands to Outlands there should also be some type of longevity for the casual who enjoy the game in the more casual zones.. i'm not sure how or even if its possible.. but at its current state i really cant see how casuals are going to be able to enjoy the game after a certain point.

As an active guild member i can say that the massive leap from casual to hardcore guild is very overwhelming. Why is there no progression? Why does it feel like im being forced into the black zone? Why does all my progress on my island in green/red zone feel almost nullified when my guild suddenly has to jump to blackzone to keep progressing. it just feels very unnatural.

3. Where is the line drawn between a casual and a Hardcore? I believe that both are needed for a community to thrive and build on itself so its important to find a sort of balance between both. It almost feels like in albion youre trying to draw a line between the two and throw all the Hardcore community to one section of the game and corral the casuals in the opposing direction.. I think that takes alot of the depth out of the game.. i understand you dont want someone sitting around murdering low level players with Extreme gear just to grief. The casuals fuel the competitive community to some degree and with Location specific markets and trading the casuals are also cut off from the hardcores market. That will eventually have an effect on things.

4. What audience are we aiming for? Everyone is always talking about this game catering to carebears or something.. im pretty sure if no effort was made to pull in casuals then there would be a very small amount of hardcores aswell. I dont think that anyone should be catered to in a sandbox game. but i do understand the needs to draw in and keep and casual audience. You dont really start out hardcore.. you play the game fall inlove and suddenly realize you would rather spend most if not all of your free time playing.

So Basically.. Draw in your average gamer without Catering to him. Unfortunately the "carebears" who want you to hold their hand while they play will not find a place in this game past a certain point.

A softer transition (NOT A SOFTER PROGRESSION!) to the more hardcore life style might help? Allowing for a smaller guild to be able to be able to take their current progression and not have it all nulled when trying to make a transition could be a start.

5. Massive Zerg guilds controlling way to much. I feel like maybe a 400+ Player Alliance Running around in black zone to the point that no new guilds can really get in without an alliance or becoming a full on zerg could discourage players who don't want to be part of a massive zerg fest.

Not to mention the fact that they can fuel crafters so fast that in the early stages of the game no one will be able to compete for territories when they take the 5 best players from a 400+ man alliance and shove them down your throat in high tier gear that is expendable because of the ZERG fueling the fire.

As i said at the start.. Only my personal thoughts im not claiming that any of what is said is Correct. i hope something i've said has atleast sparked a correct more refined version of the concept..

Thank you to those who made it this far.. and feel free to comment suggestions or changes to anything said here or anywhere else.. Have a great day.