New Abilities and Spells in Cador

upalbion Date: Mar/31/16 01:50:12 Views: 1588
Albion Online update Cador brings a plethora of new abilities, some of which we introduce here.
More than 20. That's how many new abilities and spells have been introduced in Cador. The armor rework was the reason to re-evaluate the spells mainly on armors, and add a whole bunch of them to our newly-designed armor types. Additionally, there are also a few new weapon abilities.
Smoke Bomb
The Assassin Helmet can be sloted with the Smoke Bomb. This ability drops a cloud of smoke at your feet silencing everybody who is caught in its radius – be they friend or foe. In addition to that, the character who dropped the Smoke Bomb is invisible, as long as he stays in the smoke.
Located on the Knight Armor, the Windwall places a wall of air at your current location that blocks the way for your enemies. They cannot pass through it – and even get knocked back. It can be used as a defensive option – to secure your position or protect an ally who is hard-pressed, or as an offensive alternative, by creating a barrier for an enemy trying to escape.
Everlasting Spirit
The Everlasting Spirit is your friend when things get tough. If it is active when you drop below 30% hit points, you will be protected by a a short invulnerability bubble and receive a significant boost to your damage and heal output. The Everlasting Spirit can be imbued to the Cleric Robe.
The Crossbow's ability Caltrops has been reworked. With this attack, you can place a trap on the ground. Once this trap is triggered by an enemy stepping into it, this enemy is taking some damage and has their movement speed reduced.
Dodge Roll
The Assassin Boots can give you access to a skill called Dodge Roll. This ability lets you leap forward into a, well, dodge roll. While you are jumping forward you cannot be hit - as soon as you land again, you will be blessed with a short speed buff.
Shield Charge
The Shield Charge is located on the Knight Boots. It is used to charge either a friend or a foe giving you, and the ally closest to you, a shield that protects you.
Speed Caster

If you equip a Scholar Robe, you get access to Speed Caster. This ability allows you to greatly increase your casting speed – at the cost of a certain amount of spell power.
Heavy Cleave
Hammers can now use the Heavy Cleave ability. This heavy smashing strike does a huge amount of damage to enemies in front of you. This comes with the downside of having a short cast time – but if you play the rest of your skills right, this is one devastating strike.
Bear Trap
The Hunter Hood allows you to place Bear Traps. The ability places a Bear Trap at the feet of your character. If an enemy steps into it, they have their movement speed reduced by 90% - and of course those sharp-edged teeth sticking in their leg will also cause some damage.