New Varieties Changes Of Albion Online: More Safer In The Wild

upalbion Date: Jan/11/17 15:32:04 Views: 1359

As Albion player, it's undeniable that they loves to explore as well as gather the necessary resources for the job, in Albion Online, Regardless of what I frighten the decor PvP and nasty egg. Under the control of some areas players, you will probably lose the equipment, assume that you can grap your best choice would be to go offline to avoid killing about your place of death again and again. By the way, UPAlbion offfers COUPON to players, it's so easy to buy albion online gold at the cheapest price.




Even if Albion Online pay much attention to PvP features, but, some peoples do not want to engage in make the best game. Hence, in your areas, according to team make a decsion, PvP zones will be expanded: green for safely.  However, yellow stand for the loss of sustainability. Red looting in full, the dark quite sanctions for the protection of plant varieties large group. Also, the weak application of the system, the following serious warn and make the quick death.


This system is to tell you how many players are shown on the map and helps you to make a decision whether or not to go. Since one only after two others dead, and once marked become the villain / criminal, others can easily away early in the aftermath of that run before the next flag. 


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