Newest Guild Spotlight: Gentlemen

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Gentlemen is the newest guild spotlight. Today we will earn more about their history, struggles and goals!




Gentlemen are no strangers to the world of Albion Online. In fact, many would consider them a veteran guild, as their origins stem from one of the first powerhouses the game has witnessed: Scoia' Tael. After branching off from Scoia’Tael, Gentlemen were prepared to make their own mark in Albion, heading into the beginning of Closed Beta in November 2015. 


The Beta has resulted in quite a hectic experience for many guilds, and Gentlemen are no different in that regard. In fact, up until this day, Gentlemen are constantly experiencing new threats. They are currently the target of Schlechtwetterfront; a stakeholder guild in the LT alliance. Tajger, the guild leader of Gentlemen, gave us a glance at the scoop of the action firsthand.


"Just recently we've been targeted by the Schlechtwetterfront guild, who have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. They are really good opponents and we are grateful for the opportunity to train against them in GvGs," said Tajger.


Although there is clearly a rivalry brewing between the two guilds, Tajger emphasized that they are certainly not at war with Schlechtwetterfront, or any other guild for that matter. Instead, Gentlemen take their battles as a learning experience whilst upholding a level of respect towards their competition.


"To be honest we've never been at actual war during the closed beta. There was never any hate or hostility against our guild that would lead to a war. On the contrary, we fought a lot of open world battles, city fights and GvGs, but that's all healthy rivalry between us and other guilds," Tajger assured.


Undoubtedly, Schlechtwetterfront poses a threat to the livelihood of Gentlemen and Tajger is prepared for any obstacles that may be thrown at his guild.  




Gentlemen have experienced some losses in the ongoing contest, however they have also prevailed victorious in the bout as well, conquering territories even with the odds against them.


Gentlemen may seemingly have their hands full dealing with Schlechtwetterfront, however the LT alliance is evidently not the only rival that is after their land. In fact, even larger stakeholders in the vicinity have proven to be a challenge against Gentlemen.


"We've also been fighting Kinetic Order for a few weeks now in GvGs, city fights and open world battles. They are very well organized and a good guild overall.  We respect them as they have shown us good sportsmanship during all of our encounters," Tajger told me.Kinetic Order is a KO alliance affiliate, and a major stakeholder in land ownership of the Eastern continent of Albion.


Although they are currently dealing with a number of rivalries at the moment, history shows Gentlemen have no problem holding their own against those that oppose them. 


Throughout the five months that Closed Beta has been underway, they have sustained battles with a variety of noteworthy rivals.


"We used to have a lot of fights with KDS and Hammer and Sickle a few weeks ago and it was really a great experience fighting those guys," said Tajger.


As Closed Beta continues to present Gentlemen new challenges, Tajger reflects on the goals and accomplishments of the guild thus far, and what the future will hold for them as a unit. The guild leader feels that the organization has achieved even more than originally intended.


"As a guild we have accomplished more than we expected. We started as a small guild. Simply a tight-knit group of old players that grew bigger and stronger by the week, and although some of our members are inactive at the moment, we have managed to hold our base territory from day one."


Not only have Gentlemen been successful in defending their base from numerous attacks throughout Closed Beta, they are also expanding their bounds and continue to maintain acquired land.


Promoting a friendly environment for both new and old members alike seems to be the primary objective for Gentlemen. Focusing on longevity, rather than instant gratification; a rather admirable approach to say the least.




"Albion Online is likely the last MMO that a couple of us are going to play, so our main goal is to simply continue improving and playing until the end. Our objective is to be a reliable and durable guild that maintains longevity over the years, rather than only focusing on the present. The plan is to create a friendly environment for our members, where everybody can have fun and relax," said Tajger.

The guild seems more prepared for the next testing phase of Albion more than anything, and plan to ensure that their guild and alliance continues to thrive while adapting to any upcoming changes.


Even though they may not have any explicit goals for the future, one thing we can count on is that Gentlemen plan on continuing to be a force to be reckoned with, within the competitive landscape of Albion.