Notable Galahad Content In Albion Online Galahad

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The latest talk of Albion Online to join the spotlight is the Galahad where has a lot in store. In the future, we'll see the new Royal Continent online along with Outlands as it has been reworked according to the developers.


To make the world map more immersive and believable, Albion Online overhauled the map before. The economic center of any location, Biome cities features its own flavor, look and community. For players who prefer open world PvE, a lot more content such as random camps, home bases are available in game.



Before starting your new adventure, you need to talk to the Expedition Master in your local city and pick the size (solo/group) and Tier of your choice. Remember that you cannot die in an Expedition. What you need to do is completing the given mission within the given time and you will lose gear durability upon dying. 


According to Albion Online, Expeditions are relatively short PvE missions which regarded as a perfect mode when you have no time to venture in the open world. It reward you with silver and fame, albeit FAR less than open world PvE would, and you will also get Royal Sigils upon completing them. These Royal Sigils can be used to craft Royal Armor pieces.


Here are some new content we'll find in this update:


• underground passages, landmarks, mountains, ravines

• massive world bosses called Guardians

• mob camps, smaller, more straight-forward dungeons in the open world

• emotes, borderless windowed mode, banks / chest capacity increased

• altars, perfect locations to farm Essences

• the enchanting system for Runes, Souls and Relics to boost equipment power

• Destiny Board changes such as a new PvE track, Mastery levels to 100, spell unlocks

• gatherer gear for each resource type


Expcept these updates, the Galahad has added many bug fixes and combat balance in its island. A new UI and other notable Galahad content will be released in game.


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