Problems in Current Pike of Albion Online and What it Should be

upalbion Date: May/15/16 14:34:48 Views: 1284

Many players think current pike is flawed and mainly cause of the harpoon ability. Idea of having this "mortal kombat" ability in a weapon is great, but it doesn't suit in weapon like pike. Firstable pike cannot be thrown and its mainly used for keeping enemy in distance and fight from long-melee range. Harpoon as a skill is totally against how pike is really used. Also I have understand, that most of the people don't like pike and it is less used anyway. So maybe devs should release the harpoon idea.


What pike should be. It should have very long melee range, cause those can be over 3 to 7.5m long. Usually those where about 5m, rarely just 3m.




Idea is keep enemy at distance. So the new skill could be called Sheltron (which is real scottish pike formation from middle-age). Name goes well with spirit of Albion.


Sheltron does minor pushback to its target and stopping it for couple of seconds. It could done quite minor/moderate damage, but I was thinking could that target take extra damage if he/she is running towards you? Maybe even more depending how fast he/she is running against the pike?


So what's my base idea here? Make pike more like how it was really used. Make it little bit more like cc weapon than pure damage. You can use it keep the distance againts your enemy or maybe you can use it for protecting party members from flanking, maybe keep enemies away from healer or something like that. Also the damage could be quite minor, but if you timed it right it should do devastating damage when thrusting the charging foe.


If this could be implemented in right way and balanced well, I think we get more interesting weapon than the current one. Maybe people goes more with pike after this change. It could give nice possibilities to PvP.