Related Albion Online Update: Cador Details

upalbion Date: Nov/29/16 13:36:18 Views: 1520

Albion Online, it's said to that the MMO signed Sandbox Interactive in the end of the month, at the same time, it's also equipped with an update to complete a little more gameplay of this game, note that, at present, it still in Beta closed. On March in this year, it have been update titled this time "Cador", first of all, a redsign of the armor have been announced, moreover, including a new machine of death. Now, we can togther take a brief look at the major changes about by Cador. In order to meet players requires, here is also offer albion online silver.





People who have been playing for some time now will find it difficult to find themselves in this new system. The latter is however much more coherent, but to understand it, we must forget the benchmarks that we had until then.


The cloth weaves are intended for mages.

Plate armor is intended for tanks and berserkers.

The leather armor is intended instead for assassins and archers.

Whether for crafting or for wearing, armor now unlocks in the same row in the Fate Panel. Are you eagerly getting cheapest albion gold?


There is always this distribution between "heavy, medium and light" armor for each component. but the different Tier are now more readable thanks to clearly identifiable names, giving an indication of the role allocated to the armor. For example :


The light leather armor, which can also be called the T.3 leather, is now called "The Assassin's Jacket".

The light armor in plates, which may also be called the T.3 plate, is now called "Knight's Armor".

The medium weave of cloth, which may also be called the T.2 fabric, is now called "The ecclesiastical robe".


Now that no less than 25 new spells have been added or re-adjusted, moreover, which contains weapons especially to armor. Speaking of the latter, it have a extremely pleasant visual redenring, it's safe to say that conferring to the fightings a general impression more epic. Accordingly, the different pieces of armor are more unique than before, it can allow players to made a greater choice in terms of the desired gameplay. There is no doubt that cheap albion online gold for sale