Sneak Peek at Albion Online Artifact Weapons

upalbion Date: Jun/14/16 14:48:48 Views: 1371

The Albion Online team has been hard at work on new special artifact weapons, which will make their debut in Albion Online during final Beta this summer. These weapons will have unique abilities and can only be crafted from artifact pieces that drop in PvE. Stay tuned for more information on these items in the future, but here you can already find a sneak peek at two of these artifact weapons.


Albion Online Grass


Aside from new weapons, the steppes are also reaching their final stage of development. Level Designers are getting ready to polishing and guild fixing, while the Art Department continues to create and animate animals such as the Impala.


Artifact Weapons

You have already seen the Morgana Rapiers last week, but there are plenty more artifact weapons to come! Below you can see a gifted Cursed Skull user performing a mysterious spell. The Cursed Skull is a two-handed weapon, belonging to the Cursed Staff group.


Keeping the grass short

The Impala is the lawnmower of the steppes; the only thing on its mind is grazing!


Albion Online life


Where there is Death, there is Life!

In the steppes, life and death go hand in hand. While many wither away, new life is always around the corner.