Steppe, Dual Swords and More in Current Albion Online

upalbion Date: May/24/16 10:45:23 Views: 1150

Today we take a look at what is currently in the works for Albion Online.


First Glance at the Steppe




The steppes are a dry, rough environment, with an occasional glimmer of life in the form of beautiful oases. Keep your eyes peeled, as more steppe news are coming soon!


New Weapon: Dual Swords




Beta 2 will include new weapons, and here is a teaser for one of them: Dual Swords! The weapon is still in the prototyping stage, but we can tell you already it will be available in the Sword line and – similar to Dagger Pair – will be considered one item.


The Little Morgana Room




Ever wondered if Cultists need to use the bathroom? No? Well, here is a picture of their restroom anyway!


New Animations




The Fireball's animation got overhauled. Here's a comparison of new (left) and old (right).