Suggestion of Improve Albion Online Starter Zone

upalbion Date: Dec/31/15 11:27:15 Views: 1396

All this of course you proably done while being alone in the starter location. Now imagine the 100 players in the same time choping down trees, gathering stone and slaughtering rabbits for skin. I will just go for whatever i can because if you don't, you will find yourself in situation when all treees, stones and rabbits are gone.

Suggested improvement for the starter zone (ran them a bunch of times this week, best time so far is 4:13 to exit with full T1 set, and that's on the "bad" starter with the kinked path):

- Immediately gather 6 wood and 6 stone

- Go to the crafting station and craft an axe and a stone hammer (speeds up everything else)

- Gather 3 wood and 3 stone

- Craft a skinning knife

- Kill a rabbit, gather 6 leather

- Craft a set of leather shoes (run spell will speed up your rabbit-hunting)

- Assuming you're somewhere with a non-straight exit road:

- Gather remaining 12 leather

- Run towards the exit

- When run expires, harvest remaining 16 wood, 12 stone

- Run again to the second crafting station (this way, you're harvesting while run is on cooldown)

- Follow the rest of the tutorial, and then craft the remaining items on the list

- Run to the exit