Suggestions of Albion Online Group Content

upalbion Date: Dec/23/15 16:01:44 Views: 1470

I have been playing AO since last Alpha and finally it is my turn to make some feedback.

Things are changed since last Alpha, and there is a huge problem atm. I am talking about group content such as blue dungeon farming or open world fame farming. At current state there is no point in grouping (more then 2-3 people), because fame you will get is so low, it is not even worth, because every dps can solo/duo any mob in the game.

Last Alpha the game was all about getting into groups, finding guild and making friends so you can progress through Destiny Board. And that was AMAZING. Very few mmos nowadays do that and thats why you can easily be a solo player there, but AO was different, you had to make friends, find guild and group up to get good amount of fame from dungeon runs. This was reason i fell in love with AO. Right now there is a fixed fame for mob, which is fine, but the problem is it is split between group members, which makes it unrewarding.

How to fix that?

Lets say it is a blue cave which is meant to be for group of 5 - make 5 members get full fame from mobs/bosses while scale it down for bigger groups.

Another thing is Hellgates - red zone helmet mobs are all tier 4, while people are at tier 5+ , so they need t5+ mobs to level up a tree. And mobs there drop souls, which are used only at tier8 (5.4), so if someone goes to helmets to farm fame, it is impossible atm, what is going to happen - there will be groups of tier 4 and 4.2 levelling up destiny board, and people on tier 5.4 / 8, who will just overgear them and therefore win.

Which bring us to the next problem - Guild territories.

At the moment, building territories can have up to 40 defender bonus, which is ike 3+ tiers advantage and impossible to win in 5x5 even if attacking team is at better gear.

How to fix that?

Make defender bonus 10%. It is one gear tier advantage which is more than enough. With this change people will be actually able to fight for territories. If guild is bad, and do not progress, they do not deserve a territory, so they should join or form alliances, take mercenaries on fights etc. But just grabbing one territory and stacking 40 defender bonus is not going to work. In my opinion it is sandbox, so you must be able to fight anyone. This is greatly done in terms of gear, because people with 1 tier lower, can actually fight group which is geared better, if they make a good composition. This should apply to building territories as well.

I hope this post will get some attention , because I care about group content a lot and don't want to play this game solo, there are plenty of games for that already. And this is CBT so everything can change and I love how you, devs , are supporting your players and do your best! Keep the good work up and the best of luck in the future.