The Amount of Fame Players Earn in Albion Online is too Big

upalbion Date: Jun/19/16 14:13:47 Views: 1597

The way this game handels fame is in my opinion not optimal. Having a fame system is very good, but the way it is count is not optimal.


Albion Online fame


Numbers just get waay to high, I mean after this beta, which lasts since just a few months, there are people with billion fame points and guilds with much more! And already there are numbers like 999kk fame and 999m fame like wtf? What will happen after 5 years with this system? 999kkmmm?


In the future this will be a problem in my opinion, because it seriously doesn't look good and looks not to be well thought-out.


  • 1. Solution: just reduce the numbers, instead of gaining 100 fame, why not make 1 fame out of this....Why does a beginner have after 5min like 50k fame? Reducing all the numbers will slower the process of gaining infinite fame in the end.
  • 2. The better soulution would be a little level/tier system: I know that albion doesn't want to have levels, but look as this like it was the reality: the more fame you get in real life or in the middel age, the better your titel was in the skill tree. We already have like titels that you get only from fame...Why not improve it and add titels so it reaches to an infinite amount of fame. The purpose of this is to not have this big numbers. When you check someones stats to see how experienced this player is, that in the stats not only the total fame is, there are also the amounts of fame by crafting etc......So just having a bar with "levels" or "tiers" which fills the more fame you gain and after a bit you get a "level up" so that your level increases, is better than seeing 999kkkmmmkkkmm fame in my opinion.


Just having levels with a fame bar instead of big numbers is the best and aesthetical solution, when it comes to the stats-menu.


For example: at 1.000.000 fame you get level/tier 10 and at 10.000.000 fame level 11 so while having 5.000.000 fame you see the level 10 and an half full fame bar in the field, where the big number would be instead.


Same goes with the crafting field, where instead of a big number, you can say: "hey, im a level 12 crafter" or "level 10 gatherer". It is way more simple instead of saying I have 2635kk gathering fame and 97863mm crafting fame.