The Final Spurt Of Albion Online: German MMORPG

upalbion Date: Dec/28/16 13:21:11 Views: 1370

As noted by an interview with a US side, the team pointing out switching from the planned Free2Play to a Buy2Play model. When it comes to Albion Online, which is was designed right from the start for a certain group of players looking for an MMO. Being there, they could be there for many years. Nevertheless, with regard to the subscription, it was not an option at the time. To that end, you made a decision for a model, where you can purchase fashion items as well as a non-essential premium status. 



Albion Online CharacterDoch tests and the feedback from the testers had shown that a Free2Play would simply take too much time to make it right and give the players enough content. That's why you decide ultimately for the Buy2Play model. You can buy the game at startup and just as long as you want. In the in-game shop, there will be optional fashion items and the premium status to buy, allowing players to advance faster. However, you can only buy this status with ingame currency. 


With regard to the launch of Albion Online, this is planned for the third quarter of 2016. Before that you want to introduce a lot of innovations and changes. The entire game world is to be rolled up, so zones and clusters will work completely differently than they do now. There will be a crime and reputation system and you will rework the entire user interface.


Honestly, by buying Albion Online Island, as a matter of fact, you are already working on major changes that make PVE as well as the solo game more significant. Between PVP as well as PVE players, there is a synergy, hence, you are eager to reach with Albion Online aslo those who do not put so much importance on PVP battles. "expeditions", one will introduce it, which can be accomplished entirely alone, with a large group of players or friends.