The Future Of Albion Online After The Launch In Summer

upalbion Date: Oct/30/17 22:31:36 Views: 1627

The developers of the MMORPG Albion Online have now given an outlook on what the fans can expect for the future after the launch in the summer.


The team just sees what Albion Online currently is as a good foundation. From here, the journey will go even further and there are about three to four major content updates planned per year, which will expand the MMORPG steadily and introduce new content.


Albion Online Should Be Even Bigger


That which the development team has come up with as a basis stands. This is the player-driven economy, PvP with full loot and guild wars. All this is stable according to the team. But that's just the beginning. Albion Online should be much bigger and you want to improve the MMORPG even more.


First of all, the team wants to take care of one aspect that players keep coming up with: single-player content. There is a great demand for things that you can do on your own as no one, according to the developer, plays a MMORPG all the time in a group. Every now and then the players are on their own and want to have fun as well.


Therefore, the solo content will be improved with an upcoming update. This includes, for example, fishing, in order to contribute something to the economy alone. In addition, areas are introduced in which the Zerging is not possible. So also solo players in PvP have a chance, without being overrun by a horde of enemy players.


More Exploration, Better PvP


In addition, one wants to make the world more interesting. The exploration aspect comes to the fore, making it fun to explore the world. The PvP warfare in the Outland should be even more intense and exciting. Guilds should be given even greater importance so that everyone in a guild can participate in the wars. Generally, players in a guild get more tools to better manage their organization.


These are just some of the things Albion Online's developers are currently planning to take the MMORPG into the future.


After the launch, Albion Online had to contend with a rush of players who made the servers moan. In the meantime, this has become relative and the population is slowly leveling off.