The Improvements the Darian did in the Lastest Update

upalbion Date: May/21/16 02:25:02 Views: 1079

Darian is the last content update throughout this phase of Beta. The team is now working in full force on preparing the next phase of beta on which you can expect more details soon. Here are fixes the Darian did.




Fixed many model/skinning/rigging issues.

Royal equipment should now be correctly treated as its non-Royal equivalent in all cases on the Destiny Board.

Fixed some weird issues with kills/knockdowns caused by reflected damage.

Fixed an issue where rare resources would not stack correctly on harvest when the player's inventory was full.

Fixed an issue where the Well of Life spell would not forget players who had left its area for the purposes of maximum players healed per tick.

Fixed an issue where knockback abilities were not correctly calculating the distance for the tooltip.

Fixed an issue where T8 Sapphires were not set up correctly for transmutation.

Fixed various text/localisation issues.

Fixed some audio issues.

Fixed an issue where a player would continue to attempt to auto-attack another player after doing so is no longer a valid action (eg end of duel), resulting in unintended following behavior.

Fixed an issue with castle guards being unaffected by spells under certain conditions.

Fixed some issues with T6 Doomed Necromancer boss's portals.

Fixed an issue with some Mage Towers still not having a favorite food set.

Fixed some issues with the interactions between two-handed weapons and off-hand items.

Fixed a large number of level design issues.

Fixed some issues with combat log/overhead display of silver looting, particularly relating to premium status.

Fixed an issue where a knocked down character would attempt to re-execute their last action on getting up.

Removed durability from journals.

Fixed some issues relating to weapons disappearing when looting/gathering.

Fixed a number of abuse cases relating to invites:


  • Duel invites are automatically declined if the target is in combat or in a GvG match.
  • Guild invites are automatically declined if the target is in a GvG match.
  • Party invites are automatically declined if the target is in a duel, or if the target is in a GvG match and target and inviter aren't both in the same match and on the same team.

Fixed an issue where swapping to another item with the same spell would not interrupt casting.

Fixed an issue where it was possible to gain kill points in a GvG match by killing mobs or players not on the opposing team.

Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when knocked into a barrier in a GvG fight.

Fixed an issue where setting "all users" as co-owners of something would not extend management rights correctly to all players.

Fixed an issue where the "pay" window for repair kits was not closing automatically when it should.

Fixed an issue where grown farm animals were not counted when calculating fast travel costs.

Fixed some cases where blinking/teleporting across a spell area would apply that spell's effect to you.

Fixed some issues with access controls on Guild islands; the Guild Leader is now correctly the only owner by default, and co-owners can be properly added by the Leader.