The Next Update of Albion Oline: New Death Mechanics

upalbion Date: Jan/06/17 13:49:22 Views: 1095

Albion Online next major update will be unveiled, and for the ever eternal beta running cross-platform MMORPG called Albion Online, speaking of its new update content, and which contains introducing new features as well as mechanics, in addition, it lead to the player's life a hell of a lot better, regarding the ability to repair gear and more latest albion online news update, you can keep it right here on: UPAlbion



Right now repairing an item requires heading back into the nearest town and talking to one of the appropriate NPCs to get it fixed. Needless to say, if you're far out in the middle of nowhere, that's a bit of a pain in the ass to do.


Just a quick heads-up for those of you in this closed beta testing phase for Albion Online that the new Cador update just launched and is now available for download. So you'll need to make sure you update your Android client when you get a moment as this update has a lot of changes in it.


However, in Albion Online, your gear has durability, and what's more, which can go down as you use your gear. Not only included weapons as well as armor, but also resource collecting gear. Assumption that your durability reached 0 on an item, that item won't be usable until it is repaired. Nowly, There is no doubt that gamers are expecting to buy cheap albion online silver.