The Political Scandal Rages In Albion Online

upalbion Date: Sep/11/17 13:56:48 Views: 1502

In Albion Online, a scandal erupted - a member of one of the largest guilds in the game, Money Guild, accused his colleagues of dishonesty. It turns out that one of the developers of Albion has penetrated the community and now helps its members with advice and valuable information.



In particular, he issues information about the upcoming patches, buffs and nerfs, and also pushed his friends into closed testers, and they are now getting ready for changes in advance, and moreover - they influence on them, giving the developers profitable advice. What strengthens the political, economic and martial law of the guild are principled things for a PvP sandbox. Sandbox Interactive charges, however, rejected.


Although they admitted that the employees actually play in Albion Online, but only to better understand the game. And there is no influence on her life. As for the closed tests, they really do happen. But it is exclusively in the interests of users that the content on the test server, and then on the official came in the best possible form.


Nevertheless, the leakage of information from the tests, apparently, really took place. Guilty of this, of course, only players who violated the agreement on non-disclosure. Sandbox will take the necessary measures against violators.


And in the future, to avoid rumors, closed tests will become a little more open - their content will be revealed in a special topic on the forum. However, the users of the game did not really believe the developers and believe that they do not want to admit their own nonsense.