The Way to Upload Your Resources onto Ox in Ablion Online

upalbion Date: Jan/06/16 11:42:10 Views: 1292

The only way i've found so far to actually utilize the extra 800 kg carry weight for an ox is to carry all the resources myself and then call for my mount. Is this really the only option to do this? If so, the system is messed up.

I want to be able to unload my resources onto my ox so i can move normally. But when i reach around 200% weight i cannot move. So in order to harvest anything i need to mount, get close to a resource, dismount and then harvest. Rinse and repeat. >.<


Why do the oxen even have cosmetically bags on the sides if the really can't be used anyway?


Ox is for going between your bank and the crafter and your bank and the auction house or hauling things from one bank to the other, it offers no real benefit over a riding horse in other uses. Ox actually does offer benefits: useful for harvesting because it can hold far more. It provides armor bonus as well.


The thing about gathering though is at 200% weight you can't walk anymore and mounting between resources ends up taking more time then it would just to ride your horse back to town and drop off in most cases. In my case with a masterpiece tier 6 horse and a legendary tier 5 bag I can fill up to 185% on foot and still be under 100% when I hop on my mount and move at full speed. As far as the extra damage, it is true you can take more hits on an ox but you also move slower so you end up getting hit by everyone. In most cases on a t5 or t6 horse you can out run the gankers but on an ox you will die for sure.