Tips for Next Albion Server Wipe in Albion Online

upalbion Date: Apr/27/16 02:35:19 Views: 1655

As time passes by, the next Albion server wipe for a new season looms closer and closer to reality. Many guilds of this Closed Beta test have already retired, racking their swords and staffs on the shelves to rest. More and more players and guilds are taking a break from the world of Albion, waiting patiently for the next server wipe, which will mark the start of a new beginning.


However, while many people are taking the passive approach and waiting patiently, others are wasting no time by being proactive and beginning their stratagem in preparation for next wipe early.


One of these players are, Famara, the founder and "GuildMaster" of Money Guild, who was spotted a few days ago playing a league of legends match with Vendetta Members shown in the photo below.




Earlier last week Famara announced his departure from the game to his guild, realizing it was time to take a break which was confirmed in the photo shown above. Sources are unsure whether or not he is only quitting the game but also abandoning his guild in search for another. However, the photo shown above heavily insinuates that Famara is actually in route to join Vendetta's ranks. The photo above contains some names on the Vendetta Roster, including Redbowl, one of Vendetta's Warmasters. It is known that Vendetta recruits high ranked league of legends players to join their ranks on Albion because Albion's GvG system is similar to any other MOBA due to it being a 5v5 teamwork oriented match.


Could this mean that Vendetta's leadership is breaking in Famara as a recruit by trialing him through league of legends matches to show his prowess as a potential GvG player?


Not convinced? Well, this is not the only time Famara has been exposed fraternizing with Vendetta. In a leaked pic shown below, it portrays a conversation between Famara and one of the highest ranking members of Vendetta, Kip, who is ranked as a Right Hand to the GM.


From analyzing the pic, it seems both Famara and Kip are finalizing a political deal between their guilds.It is known that Vendetta are one of the many guilds who retired from the CBT to await for next wipe, and they actually left the servers a while ago, which insinuates that this pic is semi-old. HOWEVER, the important line that our readers should pay attention to is what Famara said on the last line, "I play the game to have fun".




If Famara plays the game to have "fun", but recently quit the game, the logical conclusion that Famara is no longer having fun. Now the real question is if Famara is no longer having fun with the game, or playing with the guild he founded? Or is it both?


Due to all the evidence provided above, the latter should be concluded as the obvious answer. Famara wasn't having fun with his guild and with the game becoming more stale it amplified his ill feelings towards the guild he created, Money Guild. As of today Money Guild is still operating as an active guild, even with Famara out of the picture. This shows that new leadership has taken over Money Guild. Famara not wanting to be guild-less next wipe tries his shot at joining Vendetta and passing the tests to become an official member.


Will Money Guild be able to fight against their ex-commander in the battlefield? Or is something more sinister happening in the background? Find out when servers get wiped.