TOP 5 Classes in Albion Online 5v5 Siege

upalbion Date: Dec/23/15 15:08:06 Views: 1920

Are you looking to get into siege atm and only have Curse + Warbow. Are any of these good in siege and from your experience what are the top classes you believe dominate in siege?

Halberd give you the ability to still put down some more damage with still having good control in the fights and mace gives you less damage but total control of a fight.


The amount of control you have with a Mace in GVG is nasty. Once you hit 5.2 you get a second snare and still get to keep the whisper. You pair up a mace with a curse staff and frost staff the enemy team is in trouble. I get my first root off then I target the weakest link and root them again and they go down. I can dive on your casters and silence them as soon as the engagement goes off and it's like a 15 second cool down.


Every time I have been in a GvG and the other team has not brought a tank it has been a easy win. I'm in control of the fight the whole match. My healer will keep me up if you try to focus me and I will block you from getting my squishy every engagement.