Topics about PvPers: How to Deal With the Shield and Mount Mechanic

upalbion Date: Apr/18/16 04:58:13 Views: 1315

I've come to discuss a topic that is of relevance to all PvPers.




First: The duration of invulnerability from entering zones lasts way too long. In certain red maps you can go through 1/2-3/4th of the map with a shield on, making it quite difficult for pkers to do absolutely anything.

Solution: Reduce the shield duration by 1/2 (so that when the movement speed buff disappears, so does the immunity). This is still fair, as players have a chance to briefly look at their surrounding before deciding whether to venture into the map, or to go back. You should not be able to just casually ride 1/2 through the map to scout, and still leave un-harmed due to the presence of a shield.


Second: The mount mechanic needs a cooldown! If you have been dismounted or chose to dismount you should NOT be able to just do a sprint cycle and re-mount.


Solution: I believe it is only fair to have a 15-20 second cooldown period on mounting after being dismounted. It is fairly hard for solo-small group players to dismount someone; to have them just sprint away and re-mount immediately is just a joke. The 15-20 second cool down does allow players to use their mobility spells to attempt to escape but it does not guarantee it.


Third: Cool down timer for spells, upon voluntarily dismounting. I am all for maintaining a cooldown period on spells upon voluntarily dismounting, as the lack of this mechanic would break the PvP as we know it; however, i do believe that 10 seconds is excessive. If you're riding through a map and see pkers, you have 2 choices as of right now: The first option is to run away as the majority of the times, you won't be able to have a relatively fair fight; the second option is to get dismounted and fight with 1/2-1/3rd of your hp (hello suicide).


Solution: Reduce cooldown on spell usage upon voluntarily dismounting to 5-7 seconds. Although the players that are already dismounted have an advantage, this does give the receiver of the attack a greater chance of survival and a more fair fight.


I think the problem is that if you make players more vulnerable you will unintentionally buff zergs. I personally enjoy roaming for pvp solo and in small groups of 2-4, the main problem I have is how to implement any change that will not further encourage zergs.


But like I said, there is always a spot on your journey between zones where you are subject to be killed which is enough to encourage pvp imo. The only possible change that can be made is that if you half the immunity duration but make it so the mounted player is completely invunerable to all forms of cc with the shield (stun, root, knockback, toss, etc).


In reality, the only players that will suffer from your suggestions are solo players and they are not the players who need SI changing game mechanics against them. In fact players venturing into the game world solo should feel slightly buffed to some extent. I feel if you want to gang up and kill one solo player it should require more tactics than a simple focus fire from your goon squad such as positioning your group members at strategic choke points or herding a person in a certain direction.


The day the SI dev's tilt the game against the solo players is the day the game begins to die. Its already hard enough for small guilds with players who have to solo to get around without additional game mechanics developed/changed against them. I love my guild which does not qualify for zerg status and hope sandbox changes the game to encourage small guilds rather than encourage large zergs. Before you want to change the game to gank solo players you need to put yourselves in their shoes and see how you would feel. And no the opinion of 'well they could join a large alliance' is just not a realistic one, as many players want to develop long lasting ties to quality people rather than being apart of a faceless zerg guild/alliance.


Wish you have fun!