What is The Best Solo PVP Weapon in Albion Online

upalbion Date: Jul/01/16 10:22:01 Views: 5647

Totally viable and always up to the question of your playstyle are probably:




Halberd (spirit spear, run, smash) energy passiv
.2 leather chest (haste) move/cc passive
.1 cloth shoes (run) damage passive or .2 leather boots (rush) move passive
.3 leather helmet (smokebomb/meditation) movepassive or .3 cloth helmet (poison) damage.

Most mobile, meele range cc, good damage, ranged, meele hp and life reg. GvG viable, decent aoe

Warbow(poison arrow, speedshot, magic arrow)
.3 cloth helmet (mage poison) damage passive, .3 leather helmet ( meditation) move passive
.2 leather chest (haste) move passive
.1 cloth boots (run) damage passive

Ranged cc, good poke, excellent mobility, unlike halberd not gonna get nerfed, moderate damage. GvG viable, decent aoe (better then halberd)

Claymore (heroic strike, hamstring, charge) slow passive
.2 leather chest (haste) move passive
.3 leather helmet (meditation) move passive
.1 cloth shoes (run) damage passive or.2 leather boots (rush) move passive.

Excellent burst and chasing potential, best chaser of them all, reckless, all meele, double charge, most fun I had.

Those are some openworld solo builds. They are the most effectiv once at the moment. They offer great chase potential, with cc and damage burst. Plus they aren't completly dependent on your armor skills.

Honorable mentions:
Curse.1 (vile curse, root, curse explosion) with shield/torch.
.2 leather chest (haste) move passive
.2 leather boots (rush) move passive
.3 cloth helmet (poison) damage passive

Not enough cc, plus the damage is lackluster. Good catcher though.

Claws (sunder armor, dash, disembowl)
.2 Leather chest (haste) move passive
.2 leather boots (rush) move passive or .1 cloth boots (run) damage passive
.3 leather helmet (smokebomb) move passive or .3 cloth helmet (poison) damage passive

One trick pony, not enough cc after the e. Good chasing.

Builds mentioned above are rough guidlines. Make your own and dont be one of those fishes that swims with the stream.

Regarding dagger pair:
The weapon itself probably offers the best burst and damage out of all mentioned weapons before. Yet it doesn't have a single bit off cc. Especially while chasing t7-t8 horses or direwolfs/boars/bears, you won't get a single kill. Sure in a 1v1 situation your build most probably will have an easier time thx too your massive burst but chasing horses will be futile. A good solo open world build can do all. Hence me not mentioning that weapon. You can make it work, but this late in the test phase, where most targets will be riding horses at t7<higher you won't see much land.