What Would You Like to be Added to the Game?

upalbion Date: Apr/08/16 14:51:37 Views: 1330
What would you like to see added to Albion Online? Here are some comments from game players:
  • More players at your hours: The player base has dropped, and would be nice to see it rise a bit. However, during the hours I play I have no trouble running dungeons, raids, or finding people to PvP in red zones. I play between 7-12a EST or 23:00-4:00 UTC
  • Something to make each new zone feel different. There's these cool names and separate markets in cities that all look the same. It's so boring, also quests that take you on a quest
  • I'd like to see more pve sandbox features. More ways to change the wor ld and contribute without direct confrontation
  • I'd like to see less quick travel and more local communities. Perhaps local resources that make trade caravans a thing due to certain resources being common in some regions while rare in others
  • Tab targeting, ability to gather while standing on the resource / loot
  • More interesting dungeons that aren't all just cookie cutters of each other
  • I'd like to see the end of quick travel and the addition of more ways to defend an trade route while you're on an ox
  • I wish that devs didn't pretend that PC players have to pretend they are playing on a tablet
  • I wish the chat window was swapped with the mini destiny board because when refining for a long period of time I'd rather chat than stare at destiny goals. Or let us close the craft window after we start refining without interrupting refining. Or better yet, let us customize UI
  • Getting rid of fast travel in exchange for a movement speed boost on roads, but only while riding an ox that way people don't abuse it in pvp while riding horses or other mounts
What's do you think? Just comment below.