Who Won the First Set of Guild Logo in the Castle Fight?

upalbion Date: Jun/01/16 03:24:49 Views: 1229

The first week of our Castle Fight Event is over and has been quite exciting! We kept tabs on the scores here, but the important information is: who will get the first set of guild logos?


albion online castle


Without further ado, here are the winners of the first week:


  • 1. Red army (43 Points)
  • 2. Prime (42 Points)
  • 3. Money Guild (38 points)


Those three guilds have scored the most points and will get their logos in the game. Red army also is halfway to securing their logo as exclusive.


The first week showed us a few things that we can improve upon for this competition and some clarifications that need to be made.


What happens in case of a tie?


If a tie in points is happening, the guild that won their last point earlier is considered to be "ahead". Example: Guild A and Guild B both finish with 30 points. However, guild A already had that amount on the 3rd day of the week, while guild B only caught up on the last day. Guild A will be considered the winner.


If two guilds should get the same number of points on the same checkpoint, the one that captured the relevant castle earlier according to our logfiles will win.


What happens if guilds win that already have their logo?


This is supposed to be a fun competition and not a lockout game. We'll give out at least two logos per week. That means if the top three already have their logo in the game, places 4 and 5 will get them. If Ranks one and three already have a logo, we will award them to places 2 and 4.


What about running multiple guilds to farm logos?


This is something we do not want. We want to give logos to established, real guilds. If you plan on creating alt / satellite guilds just to farm logos or exclude others from receiving them, we will hand out punishments - up to totally excluding the main guild from the competition.