With Regard To Albion Some Questions As Well As Answers

upalbion Date: Dec/16/16 12:04:36 Views: 1238

How many people do you reckon will play this game when it comes out?

To be honest, I don't know, but, I think it will be a unimaginable digital. 

Does it annoy you not been able to zoom out and look around properly?

Pretty sure that's the charm for those suffering from old Ultima Online nostalgia.



Can someone explain the PvP system they are putting in? 

My guess would be that there will be "siege times". Periods where the places can be attacked and conquered, like on almost all MMOs that have a sieging system.


Do you think this game will be a big success?

Depends on what you view as a "big success". As far as sandbox games do, I imagine it won't do too badly. If you're expecting a huge success as in MMO in general, then no. Sandbox MMOs with full loot PvP tend to be a niche within a niche.


Lastly, are you excited for this game? And why?

Yeah, of course, I seemingly can't control my excitement, A rich and varied world will be coming, as one of 2P’s most anticipated mobile MMORPG, it's no wonder that it has caught much attention.