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    Galahad Patch 1.0.319 Available In Albion Online Now
    After long time wait, Albion Online posted the latest Galahad patch, the version 1.0.319. The fifth Galahad update revealed a lot of changes in Zerg Display of Outlands Test, the Guild Rank Permission and some fixes in UI issues.
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    Albion Online: The Preview Of MMO Sandbox Oriented PVP
    MMOs are not in vogue in recent years, it is a fact. Only a few hard-liners are still trying to penetrate the relatively saturated market ever since. Given the high bidding of Korean MMOs, it becomes complicated to propose an original and competitive project. It is however the bet that tries to take up the German studio Sandbox Interactive with Albion Online. Strongly thought for its sandbox side, this mmorpg leaves a very important place to craft. Is this enough to attract the attention of players? In any case, Albion online drew our own.
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    Albion Online Guide On Building Infinite Sword Swinger
    In order to make a wonderful melee build that specialized in dealing tons of damage in melee combat, a Albion Online player, xOrgy create a strong Infinite Sword Swinger build that offering diversity from solo PvE up to large scale PvP skirmishes in the open world with the same equipment. The low energy costs of this build's abilities allow players keep fighting non-stop while being able to permanently outmaneuver your opponent's attacks.
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