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  • 09


    Albion Online Plays The New Action Of Punching Open The Door
    After a period of self-operation, the new online game has a very interesting action style. Albion Online has decided to move to the distribution system Steam.
  • 02


    Albion Online: Sandbox Interactive Announces Steam Version
    So far, there was access to the fantasy game world of the online role-playing game "Albion Online" only directly from the factory, so on the website of the Berlin studio Sandbox Interactive. Soon, "Albion Online" will also be available via Steam.
  • 27


    Albion Online Did Everything Differently
    The dangerous world of Albion Online is the reign of magic and witchcraft in the medieval setting. Refining or manufacturing is a very important feature of the game, where you can create unique weapons and defense to protect your territory from invasion, looting other players.
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