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Statistics For The Popularity Of Albion Online Galahad Update

Since the most recent Galahad launched for 4 weeks, Albion Online has attracted over 212,815 Founders to play the game. It brings incredibly 2,804,864 hours played. Plus, Albion Online plan to release a new world map for Galahad Update today! This update includes improved PvE and an abundance of other new content.



Check the datas below:


212,815 - Founders

124,179 - PVP Kills

164 - Countries

2,804,864 - Total Hours Played

13,148,279 - Carrots Farmed

850,811 - Rabbits Killed

116,669 - T1 Swords Crafted

511,744,173 - Resources Harvested

178,477 - Buildings

180,644 - Expeditions Finished


Have you been attracted by the new content in Albion Online? Be a Founders and begin your adventure in Galahad!



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