Albion Guild Spotlight Update: Detailed About The Filthy Casuals

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It's safe to say that entering a city in an MMORPG should generally be a unique experience, basically, cities in-game tend to carry a unique style that makes them memorable. Albion Online new Galahad update soon to be come, Albion Online cities will now have a variety of new looks that are informed by the biomes in which they are built. 


Cities and guilds is considerably significant in Albion, in this week's guild spotlight, let's take a closer look at one of newer guilds of Albion Online, and it completely exceed guild leader expectation. Albion Soon to be launched on July 17th, gamers gradually pay more attention to buy albion online gold at upalbion.


Exceeding All Expectations



Blackboa realized that his guild was growing into a completely different direction, one that totally overwhelmed his own expectations: “I personally did not have any idea what The Filthy Casuals was going to turn into, and in fact, I was thinking that this guild would not persist past this beta. 


Let’s Have Fun Together

In early of December 2016, the Filthy Casuals were created, when it comes to Blackboa, who was constantly streaming his adventures in the world of Albion Online, created a big base of constant viewers. 



Honorable Mentions

Until just recently, The Filthy Casuals were part of the Nerd Rage alliance under the lead of Wild West and Good Fellas. For the duration of their official alliance, Wild West and The Filthy Casuals shared the same Discord server to be in constant communication with each other. More detailed about latest Albion Online release progress and update, you can keep it right here on:



Reach Out for the Stars

With the basics to be competitive established, The Filthy Casuals found a new goal: securing a fixed spot in the top 10 of Albion guilds after the Galahad update on March 13 2017. Right now, in the last days before the big wipe, the members of the guild are trying to do as much PvP as possible to be ready for the initial conflicts that are waiting for them. 


A Casual Never Forgets

Streaming a game with close to no delay is attracting a lot of attention and so the guild had quite a lot of different enemies trying to snipe their streams since their creation. Under those attackers are well-known guilds like Echo of Silence, ZORN, Envy, KDS, the Korn alliance, and many other smaller guilds and individuals. Instead of sulking about that, The Filthy Casuals welcome the actual PvP that their streams are ensuring and they use every opportunity they get to hone their skills.