Albion Online: A Necessary Tournament

upalbion Date: Dec/09/16 13:26:33 Views: 1628

For any a Albion Online gamer, when you are about to traverse a vast meadow for the purpose of discover fortune as well as enchanted leather, without any doubt, a cry in the distance, and you will face more challenges. However, you go on the spot, if you discover a young solier in bad shape, ready to do battle, the weapon drawn, as s result, you will be able to fight with a hungry tooth tiger. 


The competition between adventurers is tough on the world of Albion, Taking advantage of the distraction offered by the fawn, you approach. The recruit will only have seen your last blow, fatal. The beast before your ferocity, prefers to flee, the belly empty. But unfortunately there is not much left of the warrior lying on the ground. However, as you decided to leave, a parchment fallen to the ground attracts your attention.

I haven't heard of any changes to the way you die by players and monsters, so I will go by what I personally know.


1) When you die, by monster or player, your corpse will be on the floor and can be looted by other players. Only the items in your inventory/armour & weapons. Currency will never be touched.


2) The only difference is when a player kills you, they gain fame from killing you. The more you get from killing other players, you will appear on the leaderboards.


3) There is no penalty, otherwise it would make the open world PvP a bit pointless. People would be too scared. However; you can only kill others, in set areas.


For instance, if you are stand in the newbie areas, simply put, no one have a capable of kill you. Nonetheless, in the yellow zones, people can flag themselves as PvP as well as attack you. But, you will not drop any items if killed. If you are killed in red or black zones, as a result, you will be lootable.