Albion Online Final Beta FAQ

upalbion Date: Nov/04/16 04:56:13 Views: 1471

Some players may just start to play Albion Onine beta version and may wonder whether the game is worth playing. So here are frequently asked questions that players should know about the beta.


Albion Online Final Beta FAQ

How do I join the Beta?

You can join the beta right away by buying one of the three Founder's Packs.


Will my progress in the Beta be wiped?

Yes. All progress will be wiped before the official release. There is also at least one more server wipe planned during the Beta.


What happens with Gold and items from the Founder's Pack pack after the wipe?

Any Gold purchased with real money, as well as contents of the Founder's Pack and Referral Rewards are reinstated after each wipe.


What is the Payment model?

Albion Online is Buy to Play with a soft subscription. The game needs to be initially purchased and there is a non-mandatory soft subscription in the form of Premium status. Premium status can be bought with the premium or the in-game currency. 


Can I upgrade the Founder's Pack and what's the cost?

Founder's Packs can be upgraded for the price difference between the two packs.


Before you download beta version, you can know the specifications here. At present, we don't know the specific release date of this game, the developer indicated that there will be developments in the game next year. By the way, there is no free open beta.


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