Albion Online: Five Big World Bosses - Guardians

upalbion Date: Jun/22/17 11:15:22 Views: 6771

As the official notes revealed, Guardians, the protectors of natural riches have the land's ancient and powerful magic. 


They are big world bosses and can be found in Tier 6 resource hotspots. If you want to take one on, scout the red and black zones it will spawn since Guardians randomly respawn between 12 and 48 hours after being defeated.



Once a Guardian being killed, you can get a whopping 2,560 Tier 6 resources and yield bonuses from the resource node it turns into. Due to the fertile reward, other adventurers may steal your loot when you hard fighting with Guardians. If you find one, scout the area to ensure there won't be any surprise visits that will take your life.


After these, team up with at least 10 people to sure that you will deal significantly less damage because Guardians have focus fire protection. Try every different approach when meeting a different Guardian. Plus, each Guardian have 15 minutes enrage status, it makes them extremely hard to kill. To end the fight as soon as possiable, Albion Online adds a Master Reaver feature, which offers additional 60% attack and defense boost, on Destiny Board.


Then, let's take an in-depth look at these Guardians:


Old White (Hide)


The Old White is a massive white mammoth that can be found in Tier 6 Hide Dens in the Steppe biome. It has been considered as the easiest Guardian that surrounding by an array of hide mobs like aggressive Terrorbirds.



 • Hitpoints - 904,849

 • Auto-attack damage - 3,000 (physical) to everyone in front of Old White.

 • Avalanche - Old White uses its trunk to throw a number of rocks. Everyone hit will receive 2,750 magic damage and be knocked back 15 meters.

 • Spirit Stampede - The massive mammoth gets on its hind legs and brings down a stampede of three spirit mammoths that damage everyone in their path, dealing 3,750 magic damage and knocking them back 15 meters.


Ancient Ent (Wood)


Ancient Ent is a massive tree spirit and can be found in Tier 6 Tree Groves in the Forest biome. Team coordination is the most important factor to survival from its devastating Piercing Roots.



 • Hitpoints - 922,591

 • Auto-attack damage - 2,892 (physical)

 • Piercing Roots - Thorny branches sprout under every player, appearing every 1.3 seconds for a total of 8 times. Avoid them, or you will not only receive 1,250 physical damage, but will also receive 375 damage over time for every time you got hit. With these nasty branches appearing everywhere, you have to be extra careful not to run into a teammate's path!

 • Nasty Roots - The Ent rampages on the ground, rooting and dealing damage to the tank and nearby players. Every tick deals 1,000 magic damage, with a total of 10 ticks. This spell can only be interrupted with the Interrupt skill!


Rock Giant (Rock)


The Rock Giant is the only ranged fighter Guardian and can be found in Tier 6 Rock Outcrops in the Highlands biome.



 • Hitpoints - 878,236

 • Auto-attack damage - Ranged attack, 3,750 physical damage to everyone hit.

 • Earthquake - The Rock Giant lets out a tremendous roar, after which it starts stampeding the ground, hitting everyone in a 20 meter radius for 2,500 physical damage. If you are 10 meters or less away from the Giant when he starts stampeding, you will be hit for an additional 6,250 damage! Once hit, you get knocked back 28 meters.

 • Rock Prison - All players with a ranged or magical weapon are trapped in a prison of rocks, stunning them completely. Damage the rocks to get them out fast, as they will receive 500 true damage (meaning armor is ignored) every 3 seconds (for a total of 15 seconds). Everyone who is within 1 meter radius of the rock prisons receives the same amount of damage.

 • Giant Kick - The Rock Giant kicks the main tank, massively reducing the already generated threat. On top of that, the target and everyone in a 3 meter radius around the target receives 2,500 physical damage and is knocked back 15 meters.


Enormous Dryad (Fiber)


The Enormous Dryad has deceptive looks and can be found in the Swamps at Tier 6 Fiber Meadows.



 • Hitpoints - 860,494

 • Auto-attack damage - 3,818 (physical)

 • Eroding Swamp - Initially dealing 2,500 magic damage, it also places a deadly debuff on its target. M speed is reduced by 20% for 20 seconds, threat generation is reduced by 10% for 20 seconds and it deals 250 damage per second for a total of 19 ticks, for each stack of the debuff. Consider bringing multiple tanks!

 • Pulsing Thorns - Spiky thorns spiral around the Dryad, in an outwards direction. When hit, you will be silenced for 15 seconds and suffer 1,250 magic damage every 3 seconds, for a total of 6 ticks. Especially healers should be very wary of this skill!

 • Double Cleave - All players in front of the Dryad receive 2,500 magic damage. This attack has a range of 15 meters!


Ore Colossus (Ore)


The Ore Colossus has a devastating Punch and a Crystal Swarm skill that can wipe parties in the blink of an eye and can be found in the Tier 6 Ore Veins of the mountains. 



 • Hitpoints - 895,978

 • Auto-attack damage - None (Giant's Punch only has a 3 seconds cooldown, so it can/could be considered the Ore Colossus' auto-attack)

 • Giant's Punch - The Colossus slams his fist into the ground, dealing 3,800 physical damage to the tank and will inflect them with Crystal Resonance. This debuff pulls players closer to the tank every 8 seconds for 4 ticks, with more stacks of Crystal Resonance increasing its range by 5 meter (maximum of 5 stacks). On top of that, the Giant’s Punch has a 50% chance of spawning four exploding crystal in a straight line, with each explosion dealing 3,000 damage.

 • Crystal Swarm - Every player in a 30 meter radius around the Ore Colossus receives a crystal bomb. This crystal explodes after 2.5 seconds, dealing 3,000 magic damage to its target and everyone within 4 meters. Spread out, if you want to stay alive!


Have you already faced a Guardian? Stay tuned at UpAlbion for more details about these protectors of natural riches!