Albion Online: Further Improvements & Greater Gameplay

upalbion Date: Dec/27/16 13:21:00 Views: 1264

According a recent status report, for the developers at Albion Online, they are looking at their current plans to improve the online role playing game. In addition to this, the game world is about to be enlarged, in order to achieve the goal, hired extra new developers. Until now the closed Beta phase of Albion Online has been running for a long time, for the developer team, not only can collect and evaluate the testers' feedback, but also to develop new development plans for the online role-playing game.



As part of the latest February status report on Albion Online, the developer studio Sandbox Interactive also reveals what is planned for the near future. In particular, the game world is to be improved according to this - the developers themselves feel too uniform and boring. Albion online was the much-anticipated gameplay, and you can go to official website to buy cheap albion online gold


The reason for this is the so far too small developer team, which should now be significantly reinforced: This is due to the fact that our goal was to create a huge world in a short time with a small team. Due to the continued success of the game, we are expanding our team for world and level design and are working to create a much more diverse, interesting and larger game world in the coming months.


Other problems have been made with regard to the frequency of the content, its distribution in the world, and the elements of fame and rewards. Also these aspects would be improved in the future and the game world by further new dungeons, gates and hell gates. Why don't to buy cheap albion online silver right now?


Greater relevance and delimitation of the red and black zones to each other, as well as a transformation of the manufacturing system, which means that there are much more decision-making freedoms in the production and optimization of objects. In addition, there will soon be special rare items with unique abilities in the game.