Albion Online Guide: The New Joseph PvP Mode In The Arena

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After presenting you the main features of the Joseph update, and having regularly talked about the new PVP mode available, it's time to look at it in more detail and explain how it works. As you know, the PVP is not necessarily the cup of tea of ​​everyone, for all that, the Arena is a fairly easy mode and that should speak to MMO players.



In Albion Online, PVP is present from everywhere, and it is sometimes this perspective that can slow down some players to try the experience more thoroughly. The Arena allows you to practice the PVP in a dedicated area, without risk for your hard-won stuff. The Arena is a mode that is played as a team, so you will need 4 teammates that you can choose, or who will be assigned to you automatically. Albion Online is a game that is played mostly in guild, you will find more often guilds in this mode, rather than the pick-up.


How To Participate?


But let's see how to get into the Arena. It's actually very simple, you just have to speak to the recruiting officer for the Arena, who will then propose you to register solo or team. During your registration, you will also have to choose your function (Healer, Attack or Defense). Also, be aware that you will need 700 item power to be eligible for the Arena.


Once you sign up, you fall into a queuing list, like for shipments. A small window will warn you when you can enter the Arena. For those in a hurry, or those who do not want to face the crowds of big cities, you can also sign up directly via your interface. Next to your email tab, a new tab appeared for the Arena, and allows you to sign up. Simple, fast, efficient!


Well To Prepare!


Going to break the monsters' mouths on a map, or decide to want to fool the legs to players is totally different. Whether it's the stuff itself, but also your way of fighting and anticipating. In front of you will be players, real, with more or less knowledge in the PVP and sometimes unexpected reflexes, that do not have the mobs of the PVE. Luckily for you, Albion Online has its own community tool to help you equip and adapt your build for the PVP. And since it is a question of adapting its build, know that currently PVP equipment is not very expensive at the auction house, so it will be easy to get one, rather than having to mount your tree of destiny to be able to craft it.


In the Arena you can use potions and foods, so do not hesitate to provide them. To the extent that death does not cause you to lose your equipment, you can take away to regenerate you during the battle.


What Do You Do In The Arena?


Kill and defeat of course! No, actually it's more complicated than that. So yes, you will have to get rid of your opponents, but the Arena works differently from standard PVP maps. But let us begin at the beginning. Once the 10 players are called and have answered the call, the Arena starts. A counter appears, you will have 25 minutes to win the victory, or have you ring (of the choice). One color will mark your team and the opposite one, since it is 5V5, you will be either blue or red.



Each team starts at its base camp. The base camp gives you a bubble that protects you and allows you to regenerate your health and mana faster. Each team starts with 150 points, from there the goal is to capture points identified by Runestones in order to lose points to the opposing team. 


The Runestones do not appear immediately on the map, when the Arena begins, it will be necessary to wait a minute before to see the Runestones appear. The idea is therefore to take these Runestones, to do this it is necessary to remain in the circle around each Runestone until filling of the gauge. This gauge stops when an opposing player enters the circle, so you will have to leave it, or die ... Once the Runeston is taken, you will lose the opposing team 10 sigils. The idea is to make the opposing team fall to 0. To do this you will have the possibility to capture the Runestones as we saw above, but in order to avoid the camping, know that a Runestone captured does not will be more capturable until all the others are captured. In addition, once all the towers have been captured, your ring will turn to orange and it will take 30 seconds before they can again capture new Runestones.


Always positioned in the same places, the Runestones are easily identifiable on the map. However, this is not the only way to lose points to the opposing team. Remember, one is in PVP, and breaking a few legs brings back points. Not much, of course, but if you kill an opponent you lose a point to the opposing team.


You win when the opposing team falls to 0, or, as we saw above, once the 25-minute timer comes to an end, then the team that has retained the most points wins the Arena.


Some Tips To Know...


There are three Runestones to capture, 2 at the top and one at the bottom. The top Runestones are close to the bases, which does not necessarily make them good immediate targets. We prefer to take the middle one, because in general teams send members to the top in order to quickly take the point. You will have to start strong, and rusher to 5 on the middle Runestone. If you reach 5 at the center Runestone, and you do not see any enemies, within 10 seconds of the end of the gauge, send two people to the Runestone nearest to your base to prepare the terrain, organize your next attack.


If you find yourself in a fighting phase, always keep in mind that defenders are not your priority, nor even the DPS, as a priority, you will have to type the healers, without healers, the DPS are foamed, and without DPS, defenders typing like mussels, will fall like flies. If you are fighting for the possession of a Runestone and you see an opponent flee with a few PVs that you know can be completed quickly, do not leave your point, the Runestone is a priority. You will find the opportunity to break his teeth at the turn of a bush.


Another little trick, between each Runestone cycle, do not forget to go regenerate at your base camp, this will prevent you from starting a new battle without mana or with your life halved.


Statistics In Detail!


It would have been a pity not to have statistics for the Arena, so a fairly comprehensive picture is at your disposal. Once victory is obtained, or defeat ... you will have access to the stats of your Arena. You will be able to discover several informations that we will detail:



Skull: no info for the moment

Pylon: your participation in the capture of a Runestone

E = Number of enemies killed

D = Number of times you died

A = Assistance to the death of an enemy

PO MOY. = Average power of items, realigned for balancing


And to the extent that you can change stuff in the Arena, you will be able to consult in real time the stuff of your opponents or teammates.


And To Find, The Rewards...


And of course, we'll finish with the most important point for the players: the Arena rewards. Return to the NPC who sent you to the Arena, who also acts as a salesman. You will find everything, sets, Banner, Eyepatch, Arena Display, Royal Sigils... some of these items have no real use, we will especially remember the Sigils and the glory of having won the Arena!


To buy Arena items, you will need to have the correct coin, the one won during your participation in the Arena. These are the Arena Sigils. In daily bonus you get up to 9 Arena Sigils, and when the bonus is exhausted you gain only one per win. These Arena Sigils trade in the Arena Shop, or can be sold to the Auction House if you do not have any use for it.


Our Opinions


The arena is a nice mode, not necessarily complicated to understand, which allows to be initiated to the PVP without too many risks if not to ruin his own love and his possible reputation. The rewards are interesting without being out of the ordinary either. The Arena remains a good addition of content that allows for a daily action that comes out a bit of the current train farming train in Albion Online.