Albion Online - Own An Island For Yourself In Galahad

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In Albion Online, housing allows the player to own an island for himself. Although attractive and rewarding, owning your own terrain can quickly turn into a puzzle and in financial chasm. So we'll see how the housing works to make the most of the possibilities of your island.


An Evolving Island



Owning an island that has not dreamed of it? Albion Online allows you to realize this dream, but there are a few details to know. The first thing to do is to buy his island. For this, you have to be Premium for at least 30 days. At the price that it costs, it is necessary to add that of the island (6500 pa to the writing of this test). It is possible to be Premium by investing real money in the game or by using the game currency (indexed on the course of ingame gold).


If these conditions are met, the player can go and talk to the captain on the square of each capital. This island merchant will allow him, besides buying a personal island, to buy a guild island, to reach the accessible islands and to improve the islands in his possession. It is important to note that Guild Island works exactly the same as a personal island, except that it is larger and a merchant runs a private auction house there.


The improvement of the islands makes it possible to increase the number of constructible land available, in exchange for money. Each improvement brings on the island two building plots and a sandy ground. The former allow the construction of buildings such as the sawmill or the Alchemy laboratory. The fertile lands, meanwhile, create all that is fields and pastures, linked to agriculture. It should be noted that during the first upgrade of the island, a merchant will be invited to provide you with the basic tools of agriculture (seed, animals ...).


Before continuing, it is necessary to know that the access to the island, as to the building, is configurable. The player can, via the sign on the port, choose who can access his island. The player can thus leave his guild access to his island and use his buildings, while restricting access (if any) to his personal coffers and fields.


Players' Choice



Once the island is bought, the player can go directly to the island. After the wonder of owning his plot of land, you have to decide how to manage it. For this, not too much solution: there is only one building plot of land available. To create a building, the player can either press the corresponding key (h or b according to the keyboard, by default) or click on his portrait and then on the "build" tab.


The buildings available are divided into 4 categories:


• The first one, House, will surely be the one that will attract the new players the fastest. It allows to create a house or a guild hall (the happy owners of a superior pack can build a single house).

• Then, the Economy tab allows you to build all buildings related to refining (material improvement).

• The Agriculture tab contains all the fields and buildings of kitchen / alchemy, as well as the pastures and the saddlery (creation of mount).

• The last tab, Army, manages all the equipment building buildings.


The level of buildable buildings depends on the player's "adventurer" level, but there is no limit to improvements as long as the player can bring the resources. For every construction / improvement, the owner will have to bring to the worker of what to do his work. In each case, raw wood and raw stone (T1) are required. To this will be added stone and wood, the level of the latter depending on the building and its level.


Details Of The Possibilities



In Albion Online, each building will have its own function (creation of weapons and heavy armor, kitchens, slaughterhouse ...). But the general operation of each building remains the same. By clicking on the building, you access the menu of the building, presenting the various craft / refining available. There is nothing good or bad about the buildings in town. However, as the owner of the building, the player has access to some additional options. To do this, he must click on the worker's avatar. Some options are essential:


• Right of access: allows to manage all access rights of the building, generally (closed, private or public) or player by player (personalized).

• Administration: In addition to managing the tax (money paid by users), it is possible to add a reward for each player feeding the worker.

• Improve: Launches the next building upgrade. It is important to note that a building undergoing improvement is always usable.

• Food reserve: allows to feed the worker. Note that the favorite dish allows to nourish it more effectively by increasing the nutrition gauge even more than a standard dish.


Care should be taken when using buildings. Indeed, the latter require food to function. In the event of a dry failure, they simply become unusable. You must therefore be careful and not build at all without having the possibility of feeding all the workers. The priority of any island owner will therefore be the creation of at least one field in order to be able to harvest vegetables. Otherwise, he will have to provide himself at the auction house.


Advice And Guidance


It is very easy to get lost when setting up his island. Having a large house is, of course, class, but not necessarily profitable. Same if the player rush the improvement of his island without having buildings superior to the T2. We will try to give you some tips that will help you not to swallow up all your savings.


• The first thing to do is to improve his island T2, to have access to the fields. More than necessary, they will feed your employees and, for those who want to, create frames a little later.

• The creation of the house is optional. But if you choose to make a small foothold, do not hesitate to employ workers. They will allow you, in exchange for a little farm (via the books), to fill your chests of money and materials, all this without needing to be fed.

• It is simpler to specialize. As a crafter, prefer buildings related to your class: if you play archer, building a forge will not be of any use to you, rather prefer the tanner. As farmer, the refining and selling of materials can yield a lot of money.

• For those who want to have money without farmer for hours, I recommend the frames (at the beginning of the cycle) and the potions. Indeed, the ratio investment / turnover is very pleasant, for very little time spent looking after his island.

• If you can, create a complete craft chain on your island. For a fighter, a foundry, a lumberjack and a forge allow to craft a lot of equipment without paying a penny.

• Do not hesitate to improve your buildings as soon as you can. Create or refine higher-level objects yield more money, more statistics, and more renown.

• Finally, it is possible to let members of the guild / friends join your island and use your buildings. Adding a lower tax to that city will allow you to earn a little money while helping your allies.


With all this, it should already be simpler to make profitable the purchase of the island. Owning an island can bring a lot to the player, both in terms of satisfaction and resource. However, this is not a top priority, and one must always make the difference between reflective improvement and absurd rush. Just be careful not to build anything just to have a big island. With a little reflection, the island will allow you to be autonomous and in addition to making money. But above all, do not forget to have fun!


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